Do What You Can…Some is Better Than None

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So many things go undone because we don’t do what we can. When we think we can’t or just don’t want to take the whole thing on by ourselves we freeze up and don’t do the little bit we actually can do.

A bunch of little “tries” add up to a much greater sum than a few huge “no try at all’s.”

Imagine if every member of your church did one small thing a week that advanced the kingdom of God? Imagine if every week, every one of them said something to someone about Jesus? What might result over time?

Jesus’ call to reach the world won’t happen in a string of stadium-filled crusade-type events, rather in the little, every day, ordinary conversations that we have that we don’t even think about.

This is how the kingdom works. So try even if it doesn’t seem like much.

If you are waiting until you have the time you won’t do it. If it is important enough to you, you will make the time and you will try. How many times have you changed your plans because something came along that you really wanted to be a part of? We can make the time we just don’t always want to make the time because we really don’t want to do what we are supposed to do. Jesus is asking you to change your plans and try things His way. Are you willing?

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