Identify The Hats Only You Can Wear

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There are too many distractions in life. It is so easy to shift our time and energy to things that we don’t need to be engaged in. Often the things that get neglected are the things that only we can do. One of the things I ask myself from time to time when considering tackling something new is this – Am I the only one who can wear this hat? If the answer is yes, then I need to tackle it. If the answer is no then I need to consider whether or not other people need to be involved.

There are some roles only you can fill. Only I can be the husband to my wife. Only I can be the father to my children. There will come a day when the job I do as a preacher will be filled by someone else but for now, that is my hat to wear and I will do it the best I can.

If you feel overwhelmed by the distractions or even more difficult…by the great things you could potentially do with your time…keep in mind there may be other people out there who actually need to do that other than you. Also keep in mind that this line of thinking is never to be a distraction to keep us from doing good things…or a way out to make an excuse to do what we really want to do or don’t want to do.

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  1. We also must recognize that we are to be transformed into tools for God, thus not be afraid to put on new hats. If we think about the pool that Jesus picked from, fishermen, tax collector, physician, etc. they had one type of training and were asked to be preachers, teachers, ambassadors, healers, etc. People might have strengths to work with, but they also can have hidden talents that need revealing. Often our potential is greater than what we are at the moment.

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