Playing Chess With God

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Sometimes life feels like playing chess with God. I am sitting on one side of the table trying to play both hands. Seated across from the Creator of the universe I strategize…figuring out what my next moves are going to be while also attempting to determine what God’s next moves are going to be

At some point I have to move my piece.

Am I making the right move? How accurately have I predicted God’s next move?

Experience would tell me that I am not nearly as good at knowing God’s next move as I like to pretend. Truth be told I am not always very good at moving my own piece much less figuring out the mind of the Omnipotent God (who already knows my move). And yet sometimes I make decisions based on what I think God will or will not do with that decisions three to five more moves down the road.

What do I do?

Here is what I do know. Make the next most faithful move you can. Don’t worry about God’s next few moves because you can’t truly predict that with a high level of accuracy anyway. Do what is right. Move your piece with integrity and trust God will take it from there.

What if writing for one publication alienates me from another section of the “brotherhood”? Does your writing honor God? Do you feel convicted you should do it? What not doing it feel like unfaithfulness? What if working in that ministry closes doors with another church in the future? God can open whatever doors He wants and closed doors are not always a bad thing. Do what is right. Don’t worry about what other people think. God will take it from there and do things that He alone has the vision to see and accomplish. God works best with those who are willing to work with Him and we work with Him best by living with integrity and faithfulness. We work with Him best when we do things to bring Him honor and glory. We work with Him best when we are so focused on Him we don’t get wrapped up in what other people think.

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  1. I don’t necessarily disagree that we find ourselves at times playing chess with God; its just that most of the time the one on the other side of the board is another human being; family member, relative, friend, church member. That’s why I think the first sentence in the last paragraph is actually what we find ourselves doing. And who the one on the other side is usually depends on the issue or question at hand. Sometimes we play with all our heart and passion, determined to press on because we are convinced of our trust in God. At other times we are intimidated by the anger and hurt feelings of the other, knowing that to make the next move means watching them knock the pieces off the board and walk away. This is why I think the so-called progressive movement in the Church of Christ is limping. It keeps itself confused as to when it should make the next move with confidence in God’s leading, or to simply concede so that the other doesn’t walk away angry.

    1. I meant to say, “That’s why I think the first sentence in the last paragraph is actually what we find ourselves in fear of doing”. Sometimes my typing and my thinking get a bit disjointed.

  2. There is an old hymn that begins “God moves in a mysterious way.” God does not use human logic to function. Just pray, act in the best way you can, and God will act in some seemingly weird way. Five years later you might begin to see just how God acted.

  3. Some verses come to mind.
    Where Jesus says, “Let thy will be done”.
    And then we are told to pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”
    And “whatever we do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord.”
    Meaning that while we go about doing things, we should remember that we are operating within the context of God’s will. So it is not about chess, but cooperation. If we are seated across from God, then we are not on His side.

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