God Sets the Agenda

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As we read through scripture we listen for what is near and dear to the heart of God. This will not always align with what is near and dear to my heart. The distance between those two things is a journey my hearts needs to walk to conform my ways and will to His ways and will.

This takes humility.

The walk between my agenda and God’s will require me to recognize my own fallibility. It will force me to assess my own inconsistencies and selfish desires. In the end it enables me to see beyond myself to what is truly most important.

God sets the agenda.

I just need to show up for the appointments he is making for me.

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  1. Hello dear friend and older brother. I totally agree with the aspect of God’s sovereign agenda but when it comes to our hearts as believers, Neil Anderson (A New Identity For a New Life) and others have showed me that our hearts are truly pure and holy since new brth, having nothing to do with our old desperately wicked hearts, all things are new and our hearts are tuned to God’s. The problem is more in the soul, with sin making it fleshly and what we really need is to realize all that we already are and what we already received in Jesus (Eph. 1:18), all that pertains to Godliness and we’re even already perfect inside, if we’re those who are being sanctified according to Hebrews. Also inspired by Chuck and Nancy Missler (Be Ye Transformed).

    God bless!

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