The New Spiritual Discipline – Refraining from Talking Politics

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It is so tempting to talk about politics. There is so much low hanging fruit on either side of the aisle that it is a tempting topic to discuss, write about, share on social media, etc. With very rare exception I try very hard to not talk about or write about politics or share political things in a public manner. I just think it runs too much risk of shutting people off from other, more important, discussions. It tends to build unnecessary walls and brings about division that I have found it is better to leave those matters to someone else in order that I might spend my time talking about the kingdom and things of eternal significance without raising unnecessary barriers with other people.

Refraining from talking politics is the new spiritual discipline. I encourage you to practice it too.

Instead talk about what God is doing in your life. Share something you learned from scripture. Talk about your kids. Take a picture of what you had for dinner and share that! All kidding aside…consider the impact it can have on others when you discuss politics. I think there is probably a good way to do it but I just haven’t figured that out yet.

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  1. Matt, I tend to agree with what you are saying. The problem, however, is when preachers or teachers deliver their social and political views “backed up by Bible verses”, then accuses anyone who disagrees as being political. Such as when someone claims that Romans 13 is the authority for every Christian generation to support, even desire, capital punishment; but, when someone rejects it citing the mind of Christ, that person is accused of being political. Or, when teachers cite Jesus’ statement “…the poor you always have with you”, and the Psalmist’s saying, “…I have never seen the the children of the righteous begging for bread” as a legitimate reason to reject the governments efforts to care for the poor. Or, when church members use the master/ slave passages in the New Testament to support their prejudice that slavery is not necessarily an evil and work their way around to rejecting the Civil Rights Movement; and they’re out there; just careful about who they open up to. Again, that’s the problem in discussing, or not discussing, politics, when the “faithful” hold up their Bibles with the proud announcement and empty accusation, “We believe the Bible; we’re allowed. You don’t; you can’t”.

  2. Go to the Christian Chronicle and the article regarding the CoC member who served as a delegate to the DNC, and the attacks on her and all who support the Democratic Party. This is why, unless its leaders take a more progressive approach toward the membership, the CoC, even the so-called progressive part, will simply remain a cultural church that few look to for wholeness.

  3. Go to the Christian Chronicle and the article regarding the CoC member who served as a delegate to the DNC. Take notice of the attacks and her and others who support the Democratic party. This is why, unless its leaders take a more progressive stance before its members, the CoC will simply remain a cultural church in which few find a message of wholeness.

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