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That word has been on my mind for quite a while now. It is hard to operate in a fog. The more things get clearer the easier it is to handle a given situation. There are some things that you just cannot work hard enough to make clear. Other things may be foggy because of us. These are the things we have some level of control over. It is in those areas that we can give what we have to give, communicate what we can and present our piece of the puzzle to those around us in order to make the picture that much clearer. When each person who has a piece of the puzzle makes their piece clearer to everyone else, it is much easier to get a clear picture of the big picture.

Last, clear and concise communication takes a lot more time and work than fuzzy communication. It is easy to communicate fuzzy ideas because it shows we haven’t taken the time to make it clear to ourselves and if it isn’t clear to us it won’t be, even can’t be, clear to anyone else. It takes a lot of work to speak clearly and simply. It is when we don’t put in the time and prayer and study that our communication becomes fuzzy because we just haven’t given it the mental energy needed to come out with clear and concise thoughts. Lack of preparation can quickly and easily produce a slew of information that is monumental in its scope but at the end of the day communicates very little that is helpful.

Simple and clear is hard. Complex and foggy is easy.

Be simple. Be clear.

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