Logos Free Book of the Month: N.T. Wright’s “The Lord and His Prayer”

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LordAndHisPrayerEvery month Logos offers one free resource…always something to check out. To see what they have given away and to keep up with the latest including “The Lord and His Prayer” see this link.

This month’s is not one to pass up, N.T. Wright’s “The Lord and His Prayer.” This is a fantastic book on the Lord’s Prayer and I would consider it the “go to” resource on the subject. As always Wright’s writing is extremely helpful. He pulls in the needed Jewish historical background material to help you get more in tune with the wording of the prayer and how a Jew in Jesus day may have understood it in light of their world.

I used this to help in teaching a class on the Lord’s prayer a few months ago and I highly recommend it. It would fit for sermon/lesson prep. It would also be a fantastic resource for doing a personal study or even a devotional study of the Lord’s prayer.

Enjoy and check in next month to see what’s next!

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