From Thanksgiving to Black Friday…What a Difference a Day Makes

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It only took a day for the Hebrews to go from being trapped by the sea to walking through it…a day for God to make all the animals and a day for people to turn from seemingly harmless, loving, thankful, and generous people to ravenous wolves roaming the aisles. What a difference a day makes.

The truth is, there was no switch that snapped people from one to the other. Nothing actually changed from one day to the next. There was no magical spell that fell on the land that transformed people from angels to banshees. Those who are selfish and crazy on Black Friday are just as selfish and crazy on Thanksgiving day…they just did a better job of hiding it around turkey and family than they do around deals on flat screen TV’s and strangers.

What is on the inside ultimately comes out…often subtly but, given the right circumstances…very visibly.

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