God in a Box and Our Inability to Dream or Act

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Have we locked God down so tightly in our logic and doctrine that there is no room left to dream…so developed the pattern and forumlated a “thus saith the Lord” on every conceivable matter so that there is no room left for wonder? Have we replaced all the “?” with “.”?

In our desire for knowledge we often strip the world of wonder. Google has moved form a noun to a verb and the answer to nearly any conceivable question seems to be at our fingertips. We often trust more in our ability to figure things out than in God’s ability to reach beyond knowledge and our ability to figure things out (in my first draft of this I termed that knowability…but that just sounds awkward). If you put God in a box, understand that what you have really put in the box is not the real, supreme God of the universe but the caricature we have created that is powerless to do the very things we most desperately need…

Is that really the kind of God we most desire? Is that the God that is our heart’s desire…the one we sing praises to, sacrifice our lives for and bring our children up believing in?

God is so much bigger than any box we can construct. So let’s stop trying to box him in and figure out how to follow his lead instead. When we do that the dreams will come.

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