Mature Christian Relationships are Mutual

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In a few hours our mission team will be on a plane flying back from Costa Rica. Prayers are appreciated. Pray also for the churches here in Costa Rica that God will use them and grow them in mighty ways.

One of my favorite things on this trip has been the mutuality between our team and this church. It hasn’t been about us coming to give to them in any seemingly “superior” way. It has all been mutual. Mutual live. Mutual encouragement. Mutual service, one to another. It has been beautiful.

We need mutuality in our Christian relationships. We can’t have givers and takers. All of us must give and take.

As much as Jesus gave, he was also willing to receive without objection.

The magi at his birth (not much choice in the matter 🙂

The baptism of John.

The woman with the perfume.

The women who supported his ministry.

Mutuality is key to mature Christian relationships. The church would be healthier if we encouraged and practiced it.

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