May’s Wineskins Theme – Creating a Christ-like Culture

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Wineskin’s May theme just went live. I kicked off the issue with an article that may be helpful to you unpacking the in’s and out’s of church culture. See what you think and feel free to comment – Creating a Christ-like Culture.

How do you think culture forms?

What does healthy church culture look like and where does it come from?

How do we make necessary adjustments?

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  1. What a load of gibber jabber , it was a great topic starter but just a lot of obvious nothing , just go see the Noah movie and then read the Bible again and see how culture is formed from scratch … You start with The Truth , who you are and how God intended it to be , it is His vision and His culture then … He gave symbols and ideas

    1. Since you are obviously well informed on the topic of culture formation in churches, I would like to hear your thoughts in real ministry with real people how you go about embracing and fostering healthy culture among Christians. Thanks for reading.

  2. God Made a perfect culture , we blew it , satan invaded , we were able to start over with Noah , and by Christ

  3. Stephen, I am sure you have a point. I fail to see how your criticism is helpful or constructive. Could you offer Matt an alternative perspective, or are merely being oppositional?

    1. I was attending a church regularly , we were studying Noah and the Flood , then this revival group with its own team of convincers came in to manipulate and present false doctrine , like Hell was an actual real place in the center of the Earth and miners have recorded the voices of all those torchered there, tormented by real heat in the core of the Earth , they began drumming and attempted to recreate the sounds for us , this team did , and they were so off the point , describing burning babies on the alter of Satan in Hell , I think they enjoyed it . We walked out and the regular pastor stopped us in the hall to ask us what was wrong … We said there were children in the hall , easily manipulated by such obvious tactics , but they saw nothing wrong with the presentation and it seemed Biblical to them. How could this be allowed by the pastor? So I am a bit concerned that emotional manipulation could be allowed in a church that was very logical and by the Book before that , except for matters of “rapture” they seemed to be an ok place to learn and grow in . I later did a lot of study on the modern Church … So I am a bit mad…. Then I wrote the following
      I see the Church as it is described in America, as being compromised and very close to being Un-affective in creating culture within it self, or effecting the country around It , namely the USA , I can not speak for other continents. I have lived here and seen this American Church Outmoded and manipulated by the secular powers and being controlled by higher nefarious Secret the Masonic infiltration and the positive thought movement, the population control branch of government and the United Nations. Perhaps the worst of all the infiltrations is the “Rapture” pushers , why stay and fight, why even lift a finger , if The Lord is coming to take you away in a pink cloud? Just for fun I should mention the flat screen sports invasion and the evolutionist science invasion. The American Church culture makes no sense .. It stands on little and has not produced any leadership for many years . My understanding of how to create culture is vast, I have been involved with many organizations that moved many in America in directions they might not have thought of on their own…only recently have I seen the extent of how America has been corrupted and lead by the very organizations they trusted to protect their innocence and moral Character such as Disney Company and other major family shapers who are not Christian but know how to push your buttons . Disney himself was Demalay and well groomed in social engineering , he might have been a visionary himself…but those who took over after, used his media empire to redefine the word family to include the Gay lifestyle and deride the role of the intelligent Father as head of the family over time. I grew up in centers for spiritual growth that taught me to be an independent thinker … If I named these groups you would discount my words .. As easily as you would discredit Noah if he told you the culture of America is judged and a great flood is coming …. I was shown the roots of America in my 30 year spiritual Journey…….. I studied and lived with The elites as they taught me how to manipulate and fit into this large corruptive force that ruled your tastes and Christianized your lusts and mine . Every fashion created and every politician who passed a bill was developing the same New World Order to enslave this sleepy American target . Who would have thought that a great nation like this, would be designed to look so good and charitable, yet stand by and accept its own slaughter as a fashion statement? The plan from the beginning of America was for it to be The New Atlantis , to be farmed and exploited standing by as millions of its own children are used as human sacrifice in wars…..and government sponsored Planned Parenthood who also take billions of dollars from every American to practice baby sacrifice on the alters of sexual freedom without God.
      Interesting that the most popular baby name for Boys is Noah, at a time like this , and as the Days of Noah we are awash in cultural depravity.
      Now for a positive antidote . Connect first with who you are talking to….learn to like them for who they are, then and only then assess what they need and how you can help them….do not judge them before you connect ! If you like them…then you may recommend what ever you think will help them , then encourage them in the choice help them till they are proficient … These are the steps in Care … C… A.. R… E… This is how you can create a culture of caring and get others to communicate and help others …. So many force what they think is good for others without connecting in heart with them first and improperly assessing the situation without even consulting or liking the person .

    2. Thank you Rev. Sam , I might seem a bit disgruntle, yet I am attempting to put some order to it all for my self at least . Lately I have been taking care of an 89 year old 33 degree Mason and trying to get him to talk … He has not told me much , but reflecting on my own background I have Found that Gnostic doctrine has been at the top of everything that comes against the Christian . The Gnostic gains his salvation by knowledge , and finds his inner God within , he has no need of outer savior and has been at odds with Christ and Christian from the beginning . This leads to the tag below that shows even political Gnosticism .
      Islam treats Jesus as the Gnostics do .. Just a man .. Not a God , his was a hoax and his body was stolen .. The bodily resurrection fake . I see that this part of Islamic faith was high jacked by Gnostics, or the whole religion was created by them. I see that as Christ was creating His Church on Earth Fallon angels have been building over generations a counterfeit culture with churches and systems to invade the church and fool even the Elect … will know some of these as being evil but not know where it comes from and how to counter it
      Divine Spark in the inside of every person , making us all Divine?
      Reincarnation .. We have lived many lives and this is a class room.
      Angel Guides , spirit Guides .. channeling ,
      Be positive and you can move mountains .. In fact you can manifest any thing you want , money , houses , God works thru you
      God is not a person , but a principal you can use , God is energy .
      Name it and claim it ..
      I could go on with pyramid power , acupuncture astrology , healing
      And you could find it all going back to Gnostic practices and supported by Free Masons who now admit their Gnostic ties . There are more links and groups but this is the basic one and I think Fallon angels taught them by one way or another . The Christian who knows Jesus and Fears God has an upper hand over all this ,yet many have been made weak by media and slick packaging . When I was in the Unification Church I was able to invade Christian Churches and New-age Churches talk with pastors, and church goers . I could get the searching ones to come with me to dinners and retreats because I knew what would bring them .. I was trained and raised as a Gnostic before I ever joined the Unification Church .. But every Freemason can and has been invading Christian Churches for years. Many Pastors have been Free Masons … Some might hold to Christian Faith , but the founders of the Masonic order have been Gnostic from the beginning . And The fate of the Christian under any Gnostic order is only to be tolerated . Food for thought ask me questions …… Or pose some answers

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