God is Up to Something…

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and it is important that we recognize it. Once we recognize what is happening, it is important that we celebrate it. When we do that people begin to connect ministry and worship with real life. Too often worship can feel like it happens in a vaccuum, in a disconnect from the rest of our Monday through Saturday lives. It is important that we bring Sunday into Monday through Saturday by a proper understanding of Romans 12:1-2 kind of worship. It is equally important that we bring Monday through Saturday into Sunday by talking about our real lives, real happenings and the ways in which we see God work in our lives.

The truth is, God is up to something…and it is on us to make it obvious to the world around us how He is at work.

How have you seen God at work over the last month? How can we better highlight those things on Sunday?

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  1. For all the studies that millennials are leaving churches, which I don’t doubt, I have read lately that liturgical/high churches have been seeing an influx of millennials and some reports say that they are coming in droves.

    Looks like a desire to hear the Bible read.

    1. I have read that as well. There could be a variety of reasons for that. Young people are drawn to the Reformed movement (also for a variety of reasons). They are also drawn to a sense of transcendence and experience of God. High church offers more of those external signs and symbols like sacraments that give us a feeling of the holy and the numinous

    2. Also in high churches is the famed “11-minute homily”. These churches have a philosophy that they never tried to be “cool” or modern. They also read long portions of Old Testament, epistle, gospel and a psalm every Sunday. However, the reading make sense and are usually tied together,

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