Big Updates at Wineskins!

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I wanted to make you all aware of a few big updates over at Wineskins.

1 – The job board went live today. If you know any churches who are searching for a minister, send them this link – Once it is submitted, it goes live upon approval. I let you know that just so you don’t think a submission didn’t go through when you look for it after posting and you don’t immediately see it there.

2 – The Wineskins archive is now up in its entirety! That means 1600 past articles from people like Mike Cope, Randy Harris, Richard Beck, Al Maxey, Edward Fudge, Rubel Shelly…even John Grisham, Rick Warren, Newt Gingrich?!? and hundreds more. The next step is to get them all in pdf so you can download each issue with a click and to get all the articles properly indexed.

3 – The February theme for Wineskins is “Social Media and Christian Faith”. Here are the articles that have gone live so far in February:

More articles on the way!

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