Final Words From a Dear Sister

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When our forwarded mail arrived in California one of the letters we received was from one of our elderly members back in Saint Petersburg. I had heard she had died on Christmas day and I really hated not being there to be present with the family. So I was at first very surprised to have received a note from her. But what surprised me even more was the second note that was in there with it. This note was from her son Rob. On the outside of the note he wrote that he had found this note on her night stand when they found her dead in her room. He thought she would want me to read it and so he had mailed it on to me for her. Unreal. It is amazing to think that what could possibly have been her very last words were written as a blessing to me and our transition out to California! That was so Millie. She was always thinking of everyone else. I have much to learn from her example and I am so blessed for her to have taught me so much by her words and her example.

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  1. We often underestimate the power of a hand-written note to express love, sympathy, friendship or simply that we are praying for that person!!

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