Some New Year’s Help From a Stranger

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On my cross-country drive from Florida to California I stayed New Year’s Eve with some friends in Panama City. I had cooredinated with Daniel (my old Harding roommate) to park the rental truck in the church parking lot and leave it there for the night. While gathering my things, I left the dome light in the truck on without realizing it. The next morning, Daniel drove me back to the rental truck and when I tried to crank it, nothing. I tried and tried again. Still nothing. It was dead and it was starting to drizzle. As Daniel began poking around to figure out what the problem was I called Penske to let them know I was going to need some help. Since I had a long day of driving ahead I thought this was really going to set me back. With a little poking around, Daniel found a note under the hood. It explained that I had left the dome light on and whoever noticed it had disconnected the battery that night so that the battery wouldn’t die. What is more, whoever left the note also left a wrench so we could reconnect the battery cables and I could be on my way!

What are the odds that someone would drive through the church parking lot, late on New Year’s eve, notice my dome light on, and go through all that trouble of fixing it and leaving their wrench? I felt tremendously blessed. It was a powerful reminder that God is watching over this whole process and that God is the One who will see this whole thing through to completion! I am so glad to be a child of God and so humbled to know there are so many others out there seeking to serve and to be used by God in whatever opportunities arise.

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