Logos Bible Software Offers Their Best Deal Ever – 500 Book Mega Pack for $399.95

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500-book-mega-packI have always tried to make this blog a place where I can pass on quality resources for either free or at least relatively inexpensive. I ran across a really great resource for an outstanding price. Logos Bible Software has just offered the biggest discount on a product they have ever done. 96% off a 500 Book Mega Pack…Over $10,000 of books for just $399.95 (less than $1/book). This package includes 212 authors and if you already own any of these products (which are not included in the Logos Base packages) they will discount those titles out automatically.

Authors include: Calvin, Zwingli, Arminius, Bauer, E.M. Bounds, Deissmann, Driver, Gunkel, Lightfoot, Moule, Plummer, Ramsay, AT Robertson, Schweitzer, Spurgeon, von Harnack, Watts, Wellhausen, Whitefield, and about 200 more!

Content includes many classic commentaries including the complete Critical and Exegetical commentary on the New Testament (which alone is $249 on Logos) and theological works from the Reformed movement, Anabaptists, Baptists, etc. It also contains huge collections of the writings of various people from Isaac Watts (14 vols), Adolf von Harnack (22 vols) and many more. It contains historical works like the 8 volumes on the history of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin collection, history of the Puritans (5 vols), history of the English Bible, history of Christianity in England, history of preaching and much more.

I normally do a thorough review of any Logos product that I mention but this is just too much to try to review individual titles. 189,158 pages of content is a lot to cover! There are a lot of titles here I am looking forward to reading and many more that I won’t ever get to sit down and read all the way through but am excited that that content will forever be a part of my search results as I study various topics via Logos.

If you love reading classic works and appreciate the tools that Logos provides to search and utilize these works this is the set for you. This deal ends at midnight Dec 31. P.S. They offer a payment plan if needed.

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