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Blogging has been slow in the midst of a lot of transition in our lives.

We have three weeks left in Florida before moving to preach and minister at the Westside Church of Christ in Bakersfield, CA. We are very excited about what God is working out in our lives right now as we close one chapter of our lives, turn the page and start writing the next chapter.

It isn’t easy letting go if an amazing church and a ministry that I still strongly believe God wanted us to be a part of here in St. Pete. It has been amazing watching seven years of ministry conclude with people fully ready to take the pieces of our ministry and run with it. My goal has always been to create a ministry that doesn’t require us, that if I got hit by a truck, that the show would go on because people knew what to do. That is happening before my eyes and I am so grateful for that!

On top of that the work to re-launch and it’s archives has been extensive and time consuming but I can also see God working in this ministry and am blessed to be a part of it and get to work with such talented and Christ-like people.

In all things God is being glorified, our faith is being stretched and we are reminded that God is 100% faithful! Thanks to all of you who have helped us through this process.

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