Harding Lectures 2013 Now Online Free via Itunes University

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Many of you might be interested to know that Harding University has posted their 2013 Lectureship at Itunes University free of charge! This was Harding’s 90th Annual Lectureship and the theme was the Sermon on the Mount. You can also find several years worth of past lectures. A few highlights to point out:

K5 – Look at the Birds by Tony Fernandez/Tim Archer (intro & talk begin @ 10:00 – worth hearing his intro)
102 & 103 – Jack Lewis on Bible study104-106 – Jesus’ Ethics, Jesus’ Teaching & Living the Sermon on the Mount by Allen Black
113 & 114 – Marriage Strategies for Churches by Ed Gray
152-154 A series on Baptism by John Ross
163-165 – 20s & 30s Ministry by Me
217-218 – Prayers & Meals by Everett Ferguson
Harding hosted a preaching workshop but I don’t see the audio posted yet. I will mention it here if they post it. I am going to do a separate post on my 20s & 30s talk. It was very well received and had as much to do with churches identifying and working out the underlying issues as it did with practical things you can do. My concern with these classes in the past is that I give lots of suggestions of things to try but people go home and haven’t addressed the underlying issues (that are the real problem) and just try things/get more active. So I changed it up significantly in this talk. More about that in a post that will come later tonight or tomorrow.

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    1. Great seeing you there Tim! Appreciate all you and Tony are doing for the kingdom. I added his Keynote into the list in the post.

  1. Thanks for posting this resource as I wasn’t able to make it to the lectureship this year. I was curious if you attended Ferguson’s last talk on women? After listening to it I wondered if that was all of the talk or is there a second part? He spends his time pointing out various women in Luke but I wasn’t sure what the talk was aiming to present? Maybe you could shed some light on that one if you were there? I respect Dr. Ferguson’s study so much, but this one left me a little bewildered. Thanks.

    1. I wasn’t there for last year’s lectureship and so I missed that class. I am sure it is on itunes though so if I get a moment I will have a listen.

  2. Matt, it was so nice to meet you and your lovely wife at the Harding Lectureship. I was the guy that you two started a conversation with in the Heritage Breakfast Room on that Monday morning (dark hair and mustache).My wife(Cindy) and I attended a couple of your classes and we really enjoyed them. I especially appreciated the respect with which you treated our fellowship when you made your points about needed changes. You were very thoughtful and at the same time very thought provoking. God bless you in your new move!
    P.S. Sorry to take so long to post this.

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