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WineskinsA few weeks ago Keith Brenton announced that he was no longer going to run New Wineskins. When that news came out there were a lot of people who wanted to see the work continue and some conversations started taking place, dreams were dreamed, plans were laid and something new is underway in regard to the future of New Wineskins. Jay Guin, Brad Palmore and myself have been discussing a resurrection and complete overhaul of the site (now called just “Wineskins”). The idea is to develop a comprehensive resource of Restoration Movement resources, discussions, connections, and so much more.

The specifics are all still being hashed out and the conversations have been extremely productive. What is most amazing to me in all of this is how some of the ideas that we are working on had been weighing on the hearts of various people before we knew how it was all going to fit together. I look forward to sharing more information with you all about what this is going to look like going forward but I do want to assure you that this is going to be a major blessing to many people. I am appreciative of Keith Brenton for handing us the keys. I am in awe of Brad Palmore’s ninja-like web skills. I am grateful for the heart for God that Jay Guin has in his helping to push this project forward. Last, I am appreciative that several people thought of me to be the editor of this new project.

Two things you can do at this point.

1 – Pray. Pray that God will guide our thoughts, our vision and our hearts to help create something that will have a monumental impact on our movement. Pray for Keith as he makes some transitions in his life. Pray that all that is done is pleasing to God and beneficial for Christian growth and unity.

2 – Get in the loop. Until the launch takes place, the main avenue for communication about what we are up to is the Wineskins facebook group. You can “Like” the page here. It already has nearly 500 likes in about a week. Very exciting stuff.

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  1. Matt is there some other way we can keep in the loop I’m not a member of facebook and do not wish to be.

  2. Matt,
    Congratulations. Yes, Keith is awesome and glad Brad is too. You’ll do a great job with this, Matt. God will give you the gifting, resources, and the people to help you do what Wineskins needs to do as a forum for Restoration folks and beyond. We as a fellowship/movement have a lot to offer and we should not sell that short. Wineskins has been and continues to be a beacon and hopeful voice in a sea of negativity, sectarianism, and close-minded thinking. Instead, it has always believed in the prayer of Jesus in John 17 that we would all be one in Christ. Oneness doesn’t mean unanimity of every thought but unity by the power of the Holy Spirit in the Savior Jesus Christ sent by the Father God who created us and continues to pursue us in His everlasting covenant. God’s love is steadfast through every change in our culture, world, our churches, and families. Wineskins is a place to proclaim that. I’m very happy for this news today!

    –Greg R. Taylor
    former managing editor of Wineskins

    1. Thanks Greg! I have no doubt that God is bringing all of this together for His purposes and good pleasure. God is so faithful. Thanks for all you have done for this work in the past. Hope you are well.

  3. What a great ministry to be involved with. It is exciting to know that we will continue to have a great collection of good writers in a centralized location. I will sure be checking the facebook site.

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