Technology Makes Putting Up With Difficult People Harder

One of the “advantages” of technology is that you don’t have to put up with people or content that you don’t want to hear. You can just click the “ignore” button and it all seemingly goes away. You don’t have to deal with it, think about it or respond to it. Don’t like the email […]

Looking For Your Small Group Lesson Series Suggestions

I have started working on a new small group lessons series on the “One Another” passages in the Bible. It made me wonder what series topics/texts you guys would be most interested in doing if you could just pick something. So fire away in the comments with suggestions for future small group series. If there […]

The Tension Between Holiness and Grace in Both Testaments

We are studying Judges on Sunday morning. What a train wreck. The people are worshipping idols. They have turned from God…until life gets tough and then they repent…but only until life gets good and then they turn from God again. What makes matters even more tricky is that their deliverers are also often less than […]