Praying for the Lost is the Gateway to Evangelism

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Not everyone is comfortable having a Bible study with a non-Christian. Everyone is able to pray for lost people. Start with what people can do and are willing to do and eventually they will be willing to try new things. If they are willing to write a note to a new person, ask them to write. If they are willing to have lunch with a visitor, ask them to do that. If they are able and willing to study with a non-Christian, take the time to line up that study. If time is a problem, have them do it in an unused room during Bible class on Sunday or Wednesday. We may not start with 100 people who are willing and able to study with non-Christians but if you can get them to start by praying for the lost and for specific lost people they know, in time they will get comfortable with more. Learning to evangelize is a process of maturation that comes only by experience.

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  1. What is it that you have not given to God? Is it your time? Are you too busy to do what you know God wants you to do? Is it your desires? Are you unwilling to let go of those desires in your life that are causing you so much pain and frustration? Is it your commitment? Are you unwilling to make a true commitment to Christ? This verse tells us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice – holy and acceptable to God. How holy are we? How acceptable to God are we? Let us strive to be obedient to his word.

  2. The truth is, he is able but not willing, but that does NOT mean he is malevolent. He has a plan for us, and for right now he needs evil to exist, and Christians realize that. 1. God did not design this universe to be perfect, but as a temporary creation where free will beings make choices about where they want to spend eternity (in the new creation, which will be perfect). 2. The new creation will be perfect, but will not have absolute free will for its inhabitants. We must agree in this life to give up some of our free will in the next life. Those who are unwilling to give up their own free will choices will not be forced to do so in the next life. However, they will have to be separated from the new creation, since God is unwilling to compromise His character. 3. All people will suffer at least somewhat because of bad choices that others make. In addition, because of the temporary nature of the universe, some bad things will happen to us due to “bad luck” or chance. However, these things will teach us to be more sensitive to the needs of others, and will prepare us to show God’s love to others when they suffer through similar things. God want us to learn from this life, not just have a party.

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