List of Church Consultants Among Churches of Christ

I would like to create a list of church consultants within Churches of Christ. I would like to create it because I think it is needed and I am having a hard time thinking of very many guys who are doing this. So please add to this list in the comments along with any specialties the person you mention might have.

General Consult
John Alan Turner
– General Consult
John Ellas – General Consult & Church Growth (his site has a lot of resources)
Tim Woodruff – Interim Minister Transitions & Mentoring
Carlus Gupton – General Consult
Evertt Huffard – General Consult (find him at

Keith Lancaster – Worship
Kip Long – Worship (worship minister at Sycamore View)
Carlos and Sharon Gonzales – Singing workshops
Rick Castleman – worship minister at the Lexington Church of Christ

Don Green – Church Development
John Laster – Leadership and Congregational Coaching, Planning, Development
Steve Diggs – Finance
Randy Willingham – Conflict Resolution
Houston Heflin – Education and Spiritual Formation
Randy Carroll – Couples Communication
Steve Ridgell – Evangelism and Leadership
Tim Archer – bilingual/Hispanic ministry

20 Responses to List of Church Consultants Among Churches of Christ

  1. JD Eddins says:

    Randy Willingham- conflict resolution. His site is

  2. Randy Carroll – Couples Communication.
    Hey Matt, I’m enjoying your blog posts.

  3. bpalmore says:

    Brad Palmore – conflict, organization, church health and growth, marketing, general

  4. Matt,
    I understand Tim Woodroof has a consulting service for congregations that are between ministers. He and others working with him provide pulpit services as well as help the congregation evaluate how they want to move forward at a time when many churches are in a quandry about what to do and often make the selection of a new minister in desperation. I do not have contact information for Tim, but I’ll send you information on how to contact a friend of mine who is working with him in a private email.

  5. kprice811 says:

    Lynn Anderson used to consult congregations in regards to Church Health and Growth. I’m not sure he’s still doing it because of his health (cancer).

    Keith Price

  6. Grant says:


    John Laster, who was actually the youth minister at Highland Park pre Danny Jones. Before he went into church coaching full-time he was on staff at Rochester in Michigan.

    He works with:

    Creative Church Coaching
    Founder · Jan 1999 to present
    Leadership and Congregational Coaching, Planning, Development

    Horizons Stewardship Company
    Ministry Strategist · Cabot, Arkansas · Aug 2004 to present
    Stewardship Development, Capital Fundraising

    His leadership team field guide called, “Gaining Traction” (Chalice Press, 2007).

  7. Grant says:

    Kip Long at Sycamore View also does worship consulting, particularly forming and implementing a praise team. He worked with us here at Senatobia and did a great job.

  8. Steve Ridgell, apart from his evangelism workshops, does consulting on leadership issues.

    I have done some consulting with churches on bilingual and/or Hispanic ministry.

  9. I should add Carlos and Sharon Gonzales (Carlos is with the group “Voces”). They do singing workshops. (

  10. Trey Talley says:

    Lynn Anderson founded Hope Network Ministries which is now led by Jon Mullican and Grady King. Both of these guys are outstanding! They consult church leaderships and mentor ministers. In addition to themselves, they have several other ministry partners who work with them through Hope Network Ministries.

    • mattdabbs says:

      Thanks Trey! I will update that. Hope you are doing great.

      • Abdel says:

        Hello Matt, please can you ask Lynn of Hope Network to contact us please. I am Abdel, a member of Church of Christ in Bahrain and I write articles on Christianity and some translate the sound bulletins and send them to our new churches within the region. We would love to have some sort of partnership with those who can help in the growth, and in the meantime please pray for Yemen and Turkish brothers and sisters.

  11. Bryan Miller says:

    Are you still keeping an active reference list? If not, do you know if anyone is?

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