The One Thing the Conversation About Young Adults Leaving the Church Brings Out…

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is the bias (or read that expertise and passion) of the person who is making their case:

The educator says we need more solid biblical teaching

The evangelist says we need to be doing more outreach and teaching them to be evangelistic.

Their parents will say they are just in rebellion.

The pastor will say we haven’t cared enough for them.

The counselor will say we haven’t met their felt needs

The culture guru points out that we don’t exegete our society very well, meet them where they are at, etc.

The worship leader will say we need new songs.

The preacher/communicator will say we need to be more relevant.

The legalist will have a checklist to hand them if they ever do return.

The guy in the pew might not even notice that they left.

There is one thing missing in all of this…what will they tell you if you actually ask them why they left? Do we even care enough to ask or do we just talk over and around them? Are we connected enough with them to feel like we have space to ask that question? There are many reasons people leave the church and our gut level, first reaction will say more about our own personal leanings than it will be an all-inclusive glimpse into why young people are leaving the church. That is called transference and it is good that we are aware of that tendency.

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