Jonathan Storment’s Christian View of Work & Some Free Audio

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Jonathan Storment’s post “God at Work: Mission Work” is something you guys should go and read. He has some really great reflections on the theology of work and retirement. Here is an excerpt,

It’s interesting that the Bible doesn’t have this idea of retirement. Instead the Bible has the idea of Sabbath. That is you don’t just work yourself to death until you turn 65. You work with the pace of someone who knows they aren’t the Savior and creator of the world. You rest for a season and then work for a season. But you never just decide to not work again.

In fact, the closest thing in the Bible that would resemble what we call retirement is death.

Which tends to stop most people from working.

Tim Keller points out in his book, “Every Good Endeavor” that if you ask most people in nursing homes how they are doing, they will report that they miss having someway of feeling useful to others. They miss work.

The Tim Keller book he references, Every Good Endeavor, is an excellent resource on how Christians should view work. I reviewed it here, if you want more information on it.

Also, Wes Woodell has posted up free audio of their retreat this past weekend. I wish more workshops and retreats would take up Wes,  Campus Ministry United, and the Tulsa Workshop’s practice of sharing free audio.

Third – Robert McClanahan’s post in New Wineskins on Violence entitled, “The Answer is Simple“. I think he pretty well nails it on guns, violence, evil and the solution.

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