What is coming at Kingdom Living in 2013

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My first priority is to do more with scripture here on the blog. I used to do way more posts that had to do with scripture than I have done in some time. I am going to get back to that because I think there are a lot of other things that can get distracting. Having said that, Jesus is going to be more of a primary focus in 2013. I am going to be spending time in the Gospels each day in 2013. The idea is, if the goal of my life is to be more like Jesus then I need to spend as much time as possible listening to what he has to say and living out what I find there. So I want to be more in tune with Jesus and let that flow out into the contents of the blog. I hope to do more book and resource giveaways in 2013. One additional resource that I hope to add this year is some ultra practical material on discipleship. This won’t be teaching about discipleship (what a disciple is, etc) but how to disciple someone. I also hope to do more book giveaways from various authors as I have done over the last few months. So be on the look out for those.

Also, I intend to do a better job being in the comment conversation. Too many times I throw a post out there, a few people try to discuss it and I never re-enter the conversation to clarify or add to anything from that point forward. I am going to do a better job of that in 2013. Last, I want to do more praying. If there is anything you need prayed for, feel free to drop it in a comment or email me and I will pray for you this year. I have other goals for 2013 on a more personal level but these are the goals for my blog. The only other thing I might dive into is to try to do more posts on family, being a father, husband, etc. Looking forward to another great year at Kingdom Living! Keep visiting and keep commenting!

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