Book Giveaway – Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters by N.T. Wright

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Congratulations to Luke Dockery who won an advance copy of Mark Driscoll’s book that is coming out next week “Who Do You Think You Are?“. I am following that up with another book giveaway. This time it is N.T. Wright’s book Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters. This is an excellent book and one you guys definitely need to add to your resources if you haven’t already.

If you want to be in the running to get a copy of Wright’s book just comment on this post and I will announce a winner on New Year’s day. So get your comments in by then. Thanks for reading and have a great New Year!


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  1. Me me me…I would share it really!
    Happy New Year to all who read along…I enjoy the comments and while many are over my head from you more learned scholarly types who can spell and say and know what ‘eschatology’ means…I pray I will learn a new word a week by reading you moer this new year!
    May we honor JESUS as we walk each day. (Walking should not be taken for granted).

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