Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty Chapel Talk – Nov 28, 2012

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Here is a link to Willie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, Chapel Talk at Harding from today.

It would be tempting to say this is really good just because he is famous. But really, this is really good because there is spiritual substance to it and several life lessons worth hearing. After watching this, it will be hard to see this guy as the seemingly immature caricature of himself on TV. This guy is simple-deep. He gets up at 13:45.

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  1. hey my name is cody smith im a fan of yalls show but im a small town kid an i would like to meet yall some time an yall show me around yalls place an ive been tryin to grow a beard haha but anyway like i said id just like to hangout sometime go muddin or huntin with yall or help around the wearhouse

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