What Would Your Ministry Look Like If You Didn’t Have a Computer or Smart Phone?

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How do you answer that question?

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  1. Liley in part to be a lot more introspected, as there would be less intresitng ideas to engage with.

    Also ministering in a rural area it would mean more “business” meetings; as much is sorted out online.

    However it might also mean that I’d have more time to do different things…

  2. It would look like black mimeograph ink on my fingers all the time! (or maybe, off-set press ink)
    It would mean chart sermons on bed sheets (instead of power point).
    It would mean a lot longer preparing displays and bulletin boards.
    It would mean fewer sheets of paper handed out for future study (or to be dumped in the trash). It would larger libraries of real, hands-on books.
    It would mean more time actually talking with people (instead of texting/emailing).
    It would mean more time poring over lexicons instead of getting a short answer from Strong #’s.

    That’s just a few things off the top of my head.

  3. Intriguing question! My first thought is it would be a ministry that is more people focused. We would spend more face to face time in relational ministry – not a bad idea. Face to face communication instead of texting or posting things on Facebook. It amazes me how the early church grew by leaps and bounds without any of the technological advances we had – they were just people reaching people for Christ!

  4. I remember those days. They weren’t so bad. They were more challenging from the study part; you actually had to read a book. If your electronics broke down for a few days nowadays, you would appreciate legible penmanship, too. They don’t teach that in school any more. I have not mastered texting…makes more sense to use the phone if the other person is holding theirs too. i appreciate technology, but you have missed a lot of fun if you’ve never done old school.

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