Important Reasons Christians Can Blog/Tweet

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  1. Share your passion – In ministry, there are things you get to be very passionate about sharing. Share those things.
  2. Share Christ – Paul said if he could only preach one thing it would be Christ crucified. Blog about Jesus…not all the nit-picky things and distractions. Jesus needs to come through loud and clear in our blogging. The main reason for that is this – a minister is first and foremost a disciple. A disciple can’t help but talk about his master. If you are serious about discipleship, Jesus is going to come out in your conversation often.
  3. Share encouragement – While blogs can be somewhat impersonal, okay often very impersonal, they can be an excellent means of sharing encouragement both for regular readers and for those who are looking for encouragement via search engines.
  4. Share “aha moments” – Unpack things that someone else might be wrestling with as well so they can gain from your experience
  5. Share vulnerability – It is important that we are transparent and vulnerable. Be willing to say when you are wrong on something or had a bad attitude toward someone. Be compassionately human.
  6. Share Gospel – The world needs some good news and blogs and twitter can be great ways to get the word out.
  7. Share struggles – Someone else is going through the same thing and needs someone to help normalize things.

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