10 Big Questions in Christianity Today

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  1. How do we disciple people effectively?
  2. Do we really understand the rapidly changing culture of the unchurched?
  3. Are we too institutional?
  4. Are we asking and answering the right questions?
  5. Do we love the lost enough to reach them?
  6. How do we move beyond event focused identity formation to more community based approaches?
  7. How do we equip parents to disciple their kids?
  8. What do we do with youth ministry?
  9. How do we reach and reclaim the 18-30 crowd?
  10. How do we foster more intergenerational ministry?

What would you add?

6 Responses

  1. I notice there are no ” doctrinal” questions in your list – not even that age old, unsettled question, “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”

    Praise God! The answer to nr. 4, at least for your list is a resounding, “YES!”

    1. I think the move is away from doctrine toward narrative…the larger story itself. We used to get in a pickle because we would spend time meticulously dissecting every tree in the forest. Now we get lost in a sea of trees.

  2. I really like number one above all. Here are a couple more I am grappling with:

    Do we understand and live out the true nature of Christian community?

    How do we teach and live godly gender distinctions in a post-gender society?

  3. I’d say that two big questions that are impacting the church are gender roles and homosexuality. Both of these are being framed in the terms of justice, that traditional views have been unjust towards these groups (women and homosexuals). Maybe that’s just in the circles I run in, but I find those questions coming up here and abroad.

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