What Are the Main Questions People Are Asking Today?

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I am considering writing up a study called “Questions People Are Asking” for our small groups. I have some ideas (always try to keep my ear to the ground, right?) but I am wondering what questions do you think are resonating in our culture today. We are going to do this Jeopardy style…start your comment with relevant question(s). This can be questions Christians or non-Christians have in our world today regarding faith, Christianity, culture, etc.

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  1. Can I be a Christian without being part of the Church?

    In my experience, this question (or a variant of it) is a common one with several different arguments supporting it:

    – “Where two or more are gathered” means my family can “have church” at the lake in the summer with no problem!
    –I can read my Bible at home; what do I need the church for?
    –I feel much closer to God out in his creation than “in church”.

    All of these belie a woefully incomplete understanding of what the Church is and does.

  2. I find many people are interested in a nebulous spirituality with little connection to any church. Part of this flows from the “New Age” views so rampant in our society, especially in our entertainment and other media.

    I’m glad you are exploring this. Most of our personal work approaches have been directed at converting people from “the denominations” – not at converting unbelievers. I’m sure you will include questions about evidences. However, I’m convinced the best evidence we can present is Jesus Himself – especially if He is living in the heart of the messenger. I remember hearing once of a missionary to Japan (not a nation known for its faith in Jesus!). Initially, this missionary presented arguments for God, Jesus, the Creation, the Bible, etc. with little result. When he began to answer questions with stories about Jesus, he began to generate interest.

  3. The reliability or relevance of the Bible would be one I think people in both camps (Christians and Non Christians) struggle with. Especially as the moral code the Bible outlines is continually challenged in many areas, the question I hear a lot is “is the Bible still relevant to our culture”. With cultural changes and scientific advancements, can we trust the Bible as a relevant authority in our faith walk and our life?

  4. The classic still hasn’t gone away: “If God is good, then why do bad things happen?”

    Along a similar tack to the previous comments: “If I’m a Christian do I have to be Republican (or homophobic)?”

    “Why can’t I just follow Jesus?”

    “Why don’t you keep your religion to yourself?”

    “How can I trust the bible? It’s written by people who make mistakes (or it’s full of contradictions).”

    “What makes Christianity different from every other religion?” or “Why should I believe in a religion that promotes hate, violence and murder?”

  5. Probably already been mentioned, but “Why did God let that happen?”

    My favorite way to handle it is to confuse people. (g) I talk about the tension between God’s sovereignty/control & free will. Then I go to Acts 2:23 which expresses both concepts. So did God make that happen or is that thing happening a result of my / someone else’s sin issues? And the answer is, “Yes.”

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