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My blackberry curve all but died on me so I have replaced it with an iphone 4. I am trying to figure this thing out so all of you guys who are whizzes with this thing feel free to offer up your advice and suggestions in the comments. What free apps do you recommend? What settings do I need to adjust? What tricks should I know about? Thanks in advance!

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  1. There’s plenty of advice on the web for everything. There’s lots of fun stuff to try. Try as you may, you probably won’t be able to avoid binging on a game or two. For me it was Angry Birds & Words With Friends. Daniel got really devoted to “Temple Run.” Thankfully those phases passed quickly for me & I’m over them now.

    My advice: learn the value of minimal notifications & discover the pleasure of putting the phone away (and leaving it there).

  2. I like having my Bibles accessible in Kindle (ESV is free), YouVersion and I have an audio version in Audible. I like the GoodReads app so I can add to my “to read” list when out and about. I’m addicted to Instagram.

  3. We just upgraded to our first smart phones earlier this year and I wrote a couple posts on all the app wisdom I could collect from friends and reviews. You can read the iPhone one here:

    I need to do a followup post to discuss which of these apps we are actually using and others we have added. I have an Android phone but three that I use a lot that are also available on iPhone are Astrid with Locale (location-based to do list), MyFitnessPal (bar code scanning calorie counter), and Draw Something (free game). Another iPhone-only game that is fun is Outwitters.

  4. There are so many things available, depending on your needs. My thoughts tend to turn to travel. The Kindle app is a must for that; I’ve got a library in my pocket with the iPhone. I use TripIt constantly when I travel; it keeps up with all reservations, confirmation codes, etc.

    I’ve yet to find a Bible app I really like.

    And yes, there are some good games. I’ve gotten into Carcassonne, as well as Words With Friends.

    1. Loving it so far. There is still so much to learn but the basics are pretty intuitive. I would highly recommend it. I also love how much faster it runs than my blackberry.

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