We Have More Time Than We Think…It is Time to Be Brutally Honest About This One

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Add up the amount of time you watch TV, tweet, blog, facebook, use your cell phone, ipad/e-reader, etc each day. Take that number and compare it to the time Jesus and his 11, his 72 and the early church used those devices (Zero hours/day) and realize that we have more time than we think we have. People say they are so busy that they don’t have time for kingdom work. But we make time for the things that are important to us. If we are brutally honest there are some of us who find electronics more interesting and of more value that real people. If we realize our lives are out of balance on this one then we need to make some changes. I am thinking more and more about simplifying things and trying to spend more time around what is really most important. Now, to be fair some of the reasons we use things like facebook are because of other people and we can make an impact through that. But nothing substitutes real time with real people.

I am afraid the North American Church is weak and dying because we have substitute substance with shallowness. I am also convinced that our path toward growth and discipleship is not about new things but about old things and old ways. The church grew at a time when people spent time with people and started dying when air conditioning and garage doors got popular. We isolate and insulate all at the expense of kingdom work. What have we really gained from this approach?

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