Universalism: Why Did God Give Us Choices If Everything Results in the Same Outcome?

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God has given mankind choice from the very beginning. He could have left the tree of knowledge out of the garden but he didn’t. It would have avoided more than headaches. It would have avoided murders, rapes, and all manner of evil to have left that tree out. Was God wicked for putting it there in the first place? It only makes sense that God was purposeful in placing the tree in the middle of the garden. It was to give them choice. But choice isn’t choice unless it results in varying outcomes. Let’s say you give your kid the option of a ham sandwich or PB&J. He says Ham but you slap a PB&J down every time. Why give him the choice to begin with if it means nothing in the end?

Love requires choice. If the results are fixed and all options lead to the same destination then why on earth did God give the appearance of choices to begin with? Why say “you will surely die” if the end result of obedience and disobedience is really “you shall surely live”?

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