How To Reach a Lost Generation 4: The Shift from Passive to Active Evangelism

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Our 20s & 30s ministry’s evangelism has been passive. For instance, everyone says that serving in the community is the perfect front-door to faith in Christ (I almost said front door to the church) .We have had service projects where we hope people will invite non-Christian friends but do we? Is it happening or is it all just theory? We have a great Bible class where people can feel safe to invite their non-Christian friends but is it happening? Not as often as I would like to see. I would consider our group to be mission minded but what mission have we chosen? We serve the families of sick kids, help fill the pantry, and do all sorts of things but we don’t really evangelize non-believers very well. So we are engaged in the mission to some degree but that mission includes all kinds of things except evangelizing non-Christians. We have been better at the “one anothers” than we have been at reaching outsiders to the faith. That has to change. It starts with me. It cannot just be thinking about how to do this. It has to be done.

Here is what I have come up with so far for myself:

  1. It is time to get serious. We aren’t talking about a car that needs fixed that is sitting in a parking lot waiting to be attended to. We are talking about lost people who need Christ. This is urgent.
  2. I have started my list of people I know who are lost,. not just 20s & 30s by the way. I got out a note pad and started writing names, contact information and what effort I have made to reach out to them and when is the next time I will see them, talk with them, study with them, etc and I have left room to write the results. Let’s just say it. It may not sound popular to say someone is lost. We would like to think all these people are great and will be fine but the truth is, without faith in Christ they are lost and dying. Until we acknowledge that we will feel no urgency to evangelize others with the message of Jesus Christ.
  3. Pray for them people regularly.
  4. Maybe we need to say it to ourselves, out loud. Maybe we need to out loud something like “__________ is not a Christian and without Christ they are lost and will die in sin. So I am going to _______________ this week to reach them.”
  5. Go do something about it. If it really is that urgent what are we waiting for. No one ever had a monument built in their honor for coming up with an idea. The guys who are in the spotlights are the ones who are actually blazing the trail (not that we are looking for any spotlight…kind of defeats the point).

Again, it starts with leadership. That means it starts with me. We can talk about it all day but if we are unwilling to do it ourselves how can we expect anyone will listen? So here goes…

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