Evangelism – Teach About it or Actually do it?

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My wife knows I am a processor. I like to gather information, process it, and spit something out on the other side. So when it comes to evangelism, my first thought it to teach a class on it. But instead my wife has this crazy idea that maybe we ought to first actually start evangelizing the people we know who are lost before we get any kind of credibility to teach on the subject. Maybe she is on to something.

I have decided that there are times I get more excited about teaching a topic than I get about actually doing what it is I am teaching on. That is pretty messed up, isn’t it? It is kind of like being at a huge event where there are big screens everywhere showing you what is going on. Now, you are there live and what is happening is right in front of you but instead you watch the big screen like you were at home. I once heard Rudy Guiliani speak and I kept finding myself watching him on the big screen. But there he was right in front of me. We do life like that sometimes. Important things are right in front of us but we miss it.

I have really been thinking about evangelism and one thing that has dawned on me over the last week is that much of what I considered outreach was really still in-reach. It was more about getting loosely connected people connected, those who had already come through the door, rather than reaching out to those who don’t yet know they are interested or haven’t made the jump to attend. So here goes…I am going to make a concerted effort to start reaching. It can’t just be talk. It can’t just be show. It can’t just be a tweet or a blog post. It has to be real action in the lives of real people making a real difference.

Ever been there?

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