Worship Service and Mexican Food

A thought occurred to me as I was preparing Bible class last week that worship services are a lot like Mexican food, there are only 5 ingredients…the only different is in how they are arranged.

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  1. And no matter how they are combined, these elements seem to give some members indigestion ….

  2. Barb says:

    Matt you crack me up!

  3. And why are there 5 and only 5 elements of worship? There is no passage in the NT that lists 5 – so how has it been decided that there are 5 and only 5?

    • mattdabbs says:

      Why do people take jokes and make theological points out of them? Oh wait…that is what preaching is supposed to do. 😉

      To your point, how about #6 – The renewing of your mind (Rom 12:1-2)?

      • After I spoke at a lectureship many years ago, someone asked me if I believed meditation was a sixth item of worship. I replied that I thought it might even be the only item of worship.

        Actually, this post is a good observation! The only thing is there may be a few more than 5 “ingredients” of worship (as there are actually more than 5 ingredients of Mexican food).

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