Bible Class Archive is Getting Bigger and Bigger

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In case somehow you missed it, I have been posting as many free, quality Bible lessons and small group lessons as possible here on the blog. It is on a page called The Bible Class Archive. You can access it through the Bible study link at the top of the blog. So here is the rundown on what is there:

  • 824 Lessons
  • 2751 Pages
  • 40,000 lesson downloads!
  • Since most of those pdf’s contain 10+ lessons there have probably been over half a million individual lessons downloaded.
  • Material covering 32 books of the Bible & many topics

I appreciate all those who have contributed lessons. That list includes:

  • John Mark Hicks
  • David Chadwell
  • John Dobbs
  • Tim Archer
  • Jerry Starling
  • Steve Puckett
  • Craig Ford
  • Mark Hamilton
  • David Wray
  • Clint Rodgers
  • Steven Hovater
  • Gary Cottrell
  • Robbie Mackenzie
  • James Wood
  • Matt Dabbs

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