Do You Tell Your Kids The Gifts Come From Santa Claus?

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Missy and I have been talking about what to tell our boys about Santa Claus. So far the consensus has been that we would rather them know that their parents are the ones giving them the gifts rather than a mysterious stranger named Santa. What is more, we would like more of a focus on Jesus than on the rosy cheeked guy from up north. A friend of mine shared similar thought. Here is an excerpt from her post titled, “the santa situation

today trent asked the question.
who puts the treats in our stockings?
so I told him the truth. and he laughed. 

we knew this was coming.
we never told our children anything about santa.
but santa seemed to be everywhere.
the whole idea never sat well with us.
there are plenty of naughty kids with loads of presents.
and lots of nice children with none.
we wanted Jesus to be the focus. and wonderfully real.
so the hubs and I sat with not a reason to share the santa story
and plenty of reasons not to.
as you can imagine, this does not fit well into the
great american christmas.
but isn’t that the point?
What is your take on sharing Santa with the kiddos?

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