Perspective Matters

I was putting Jonah down to bed Wednesday after Bible class. I asked him what he learned. He told me about baby Jesus, the manger, the animals, Mary, Joseph, the works… Then he asked me something I didn’t expect. Not only didn’t I expect what was coming, I had never considered this one thing in all the years I have read and studied the birth of Jesus. He said, “Do you think all those animals woke up baby Jesus?” My three year old had a question about the story that I had never considered. The reason that question was important to him was his perspective. What resonated with him in this story about baby Jesus is the baby in his life, his baby brother Elijah.

Perspective matters in what we hear in a story. We might all hear or read the same telling of a story but come away with different information. Isn’t it amazing that we get into discussions of the same verse and it seems like there is no way we are even reading the same verse as the other person? That is because perspective matters. Perspective drives the questions we ask, the answers we are willing to accept, and the application we derive from the information we receive.

It is important we try to understand our own perspective, its strengths and its weaknesses.

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  1. Paul Smith says:

    Love the story, and it reminded me of my first theological question (at least as far as I can remember). I don’t know how old I was, but I asked my Sunday school teacher if Jesus ever got a spanking. Wise theologian that she was, she said, “Well, Jesus was a little boy, and most little boys get into trouble and get a spanking, so yes, I suppose he did.” That solved my problem.


  2. allynsalley says:

    My guess is, the animals probably did!

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