The Internet is Showing Us What It Thinks We Need to See…Google & Facebook Algorithms are Biasing our Search Results

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I ran into this concept for the first time a couple of years ago. I did a search for “small group lessons” on google and found my blog had the #1 link. I was stunned that I was first and Willow Creek was #2. But being the skeptical person that I am I did a little research and found out that google was doing work behind the scenes (algorithms) that put up at the top of the search results things it thought I was most likely to be interested in. So the Willow Creek guys are searching and probably seeing themselves as #1, as am I as are dozens of other people. It is important to know that what you see when you search online is not static. It is dynamic. It is not fixed for all people at all times but it changes constantly and can even vary based on the search history from your IP address.

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