Preaching to Pluralists by Chris Altrock

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I have been reading an excellent book by Chris Altrock called Preaching to Pluralists. The book starts with a problem – preaching without recognizing the rapidly changing demographic and cultural landscape in America is less effective than it can be. The solution – engage with the post modern culture, learn what they value and how to communicate in a way that speaks their language. This book is more than just another book about preaching. This book is about re-thinking how we minister, who we minister to, worship, preaching, etc. Normally I would just recommend that preachers read these types of books but this book is a must read for anyone in ministry and I would add anyone who wants to be effective in evangelism in today’s culture. Chris’ book is one that fills the gap that has needed to be filled for some time – a primer on understanding post-moderns in an easily accessible and practical book.

Just to whet your appetite here are a few points of interest that are unpacked in the book:

  • “The seven faces of postmoderns”
    • Uninformed about the basics of Christianity
    • Interested in spiritual matters
    • Anti-institutional
    • Pluralistic
    • Pragmatic
    • Relational
    • Experiential

Chris spends time unpacking each of those…again, a must read if you engage in anyone who is a part of 21st century American culture. that pretty much means all of us, unless you live in the basement and don’t get out. He not only unpacks the culture on each of these points but gives practical suggestions on how preaching can address and be cognizant of each of these seven traits of postmoderns. Last, the end notes are thorough and phenomenal. They are a treasure trove of cultural and preaching related resources.

For more from Chris have a look at his blog.

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