Three Prayer Requests

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I have a couple of prayer requests to put out there. First, my grandmother has been having a rough time with her health. She is in her 90s and has been in good healthy until this last July. She has several issues that are concerning and I just ask for your prayers for her. Second, I have a friend named Dustin who is needing a transplant. He is really in need of prayers. I will be posting more about this later this week but please pray for him as well. Last, I just read this story about the death of a New York Anchorman’s baby and the baby’s babysitter. Prayers go out to Michael Baldwin and his family. I don’t normally post things like that but having a 9 month old this really hits close to home.


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  1. Father for Grace, David, Louise and Tony all suffering from different types of illnesses, give strength, patience, love and understanding to those who help to look after them. Give me the tolerance I need in my dealings as well.
    I pray for Mary as she brings her brother David over for the weekend, help her to relax and have the strength to cope.amen

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