Because I Said So Finally Makes Sense! Answering a Two Year Who Likes to Ask “Why?”

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Jonah loves to ask “why?” He does it all the time and will ask it over and over again. Apparently Missy was the same way when she was little so he must be genetically predisposed to wonderment. When I was a kid I never liked the answer “Because I said so” but all of a sudden it makes way too much sense. Here is an example,

Jonah: What’s that?

Me: That’s the moon…it is way up high in the sky.

Jonah: Why?

Me: Because it is thousands of miles away.

Jonah: Why?

Me: Because a foot is a way to measure distance and if you added up all the feet between us and the moon it would be hundreds of thousands of feet away.

Jonah: Why?

Me: Ummmm…..well….Because I said so!

What else is there left to say? Do I explain to him all the units of measure, the methods they use to measure the distance to the moon, how the moon stays gravitationally pulled to the earth to stay a relatively consistent distance from the earth, or what? There are times I start to explain something to him and realize that no matter how hard I try there is no way he is going to understand. So I am left with this answer.

Now that not only teaches me something about kids it teaches me something about God. Faith requires us trusting that God has answers to things that we may never understand. Faith means God is wiser than we are and even if He tried to explain we still wouldn’t be wise enough to understand. So like Jonah we ask God why and sometimes we don’t get a very clear answer. If my experience as Jonah’s dad has taught me anything it has taught me that when that happens I should be okay with it because God knows better than I do and I am thankful for that. We won’t ever get all the answers. Sometimes the best thing we get is because God said so and we just have to run with it!

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