Francis Chan and Restoration Movement Principles

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This is quite a lengthy video but starting around 24:00 Francis Chan lays out some principles that are very familiar to those of us who are a part of the Restoration Movement or attend churches that grew out of the American Restoration Movement. He works through what biblical interpretation (exegesis) is supposed to be about but how too often we get caught up in eisegesis (reading what we want to see back into the text). From there he talks about congregational life and church structures that we have today. He says that if we really listen to the Bible and do what we find there would we come up with what church “looks like” today? What would church look like? “Whatever it says, that’s what I will teach.” For instance, we are doing communion on Sunday nights together. There are people who have a problem with that. They won’t raise a fuss but they don’t like that we are doing that. Why? Is their complaint biblical or is it personal? Do they not like it because God doesn’t like it or because it is outside their comfort zone? He says, “If you started with this, would you really come up with your belief system?” The problem is over time, tradition, stagnation, etc what we find in the Bible is not always reflected in the way we do things. I am not saying we have it all wrong or that everything is messed up but it is important that we make sure the core truths and purposes of the church are genuinely and regularly reflected in our congregational life and ministry. Some really refreshing comments here from Francis Chan…

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