Book Giveaway – When World’s Collide by Mike and Daniel Blackaby

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I got a review copy of When World’s Collide by the Blackaby brothers and wanted to share a few thoughts about it. This book is packed full of illustrations from the young lives of its two authors. I believe these brothers are in their early twenties and have done a good job writing this book. Their youth shines through on almost every page of this book and that is not a bad thing. They are creative, thoughtful, and dependent on God. They are honest and willing to share from their failures. They aren’t afraid to make themselves look silly to make a point and hope that we can learn from their mistakes. Some times when people write books in their youth they look back and regret it but I really don’t think they will.

They describe three types of young people: cave-ins (Christians who compromise their faith with the world), cave dwellers (Christians who insulate themselves from the world) and colliders (Christians who are able to effectively engage the world with their faith). This book would be the perfect read for a 20 something who wants to get serious about their faith. The general premise of the book is that being a Christian puts you on a collision course with the world so you better be ready. They identify different ways we collide with our culture and shares stories where they did it well and other stories where it didn’t go so well.  This is not a scholarly book but it effectively accomplishes its purpose of emboldening God’s young people to be enthusiastic about their faith. The only thing I would really change about this book is the number of illustrations is a little over the top and they are not always well fleshed out. There are some really good stories in the book that are just left hanging and then they move on to something else. In a couple of those instances there were opportunities missed to really hammer home some profound points. The vast majority of the time they pretty well nailed it.

If you would like to receive a copy of this book, I have a couple to give away. Just comment on this post and I will randomly select a couple of people to receive a copy. You have until Friday to leave a comment.

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  1. I personally am striving to move from the “cave dweller” category to the “collider” category. This is a struggle for many Christians and I would be very interested in reading this book. Thanks for reviewing it and striking my interest.

  2. Matt, that sounds like an incredible book. It seems that more people should move out of their cave…ME included…and go out..get out there and be bold for Jesus. Thanks for putting this book out there. I would be very interested in getting ahold of this one

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