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Everett Ferguson – Church as Body or Corpse?

July 15th, 2011 · No Comments · Christianity, Church, Church of Christ

“The church continues in principle the works Jesus did in his earthly ministry. The church is the body of Christ. Christ does his work in the world now through the church, and the work of the church is to offer Christ to the world. When the church fails to do the work of Christ, it becomes the corpse instead of the body of Christ.” – Everett Ferguson, p. 284 in The Church of Christ: A Biblical Ecclesiology for Today


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  • Jerry Starling

    When the church is more concerned about beautifying its building than in beautifying the souls of its members…

    When the kingdom of God spends more time serving its own needs than the needs of its community…

    When the bride of Christ pampers herself instead of sacrificing herself for others…

    Then we have to wonder if this is the church, the kingdom, the bride that Jesus purchased with His blood.

    Indeed, it may be more a corpse than the Corpus Cristi (Body of Christ).

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