What Would Churches Look Like If…

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we really did the things that were most important and spent less time doing insignificant things that happen just because we always have?

I sometimes wonder what my ministry would consist of if I evaluated it through the lens of a similar question…which things do I do just because they are habit and which things do I really need to do because they are the most important things that could possibly get done?

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  1. Matt,

    I did a sermon called “Things Left Undone.” It was about what we don’t do because we are doing other things. I got the idea one day when stressed for time to write a bulletin article. I had the front space of the bulletin left blank intentionally for affect. I used it to introduce the idea of my dilemma that week and how I left it blank as a point, to show that during that time I was doing something else that I couldn’t have done if I stopped to write that article.

    The funny thing is it made one many really mad. He got over it but it was funny to me because he missed the point and simply said I should have done the article.


  2. I would spend a bit of time evaluating whether “church” as defined in the wilderness and as empowered by Jesus Christ in Spirit has any professional roles.

  3. We usually pray that our sick get better and our travelers get home and for our preachers to have a ready recollection of their lesson notes. What if, instead of those things, we prayed that our well get busy and that our folks at home get moving to find the lost, and that all our members preach the word throughout the week?

  4. If we left our “busy work” that takes so much of our time and opened our eyes to the opportunities for service that God constantly gives us, we might just find our lives more productive and fulfilling.

    What were the Levite and the Priest rushing to do when they passed by on the other side? We’ll never know, but many of us pass by because of the “busy work” we “just have to” get done.


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