God Lessons from Elijah (7 months)

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I was feeding Elijah dinner yesterday. I kept noticing that when I tried to give him food he would just ignore me but if I took it away he would start opening his mouth and wave his arms around. He did this four or five times and I finally asked him, “What is it that you want? I am trying to feed you what you need but you don’t seem to want it!”

I wonder if that is how we act toward God some times. He keeps trying to give us what we need but we don’t pay any attention.

Thank you Elijah. You have reminded me to be content and appreciative for all God has done. You have taught me to find God in the little things and remember that there are bigger things God does that I will never be aware of but He does them anyway. Thank you God that you are so patient with me even when I don’t appreciate You like I should. Thank you God for giving me just what I need and helping me see you more clearly through little Elijah.

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