How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek

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A great presentation by Simon Sinek that really ties in with the video in the previous post on education. This is a secular video about moving people to buy a product but the rationale of how people are inspired to move to action and where behavior comes from is helpful in how we present any sort of important information. It is worth every 18 minutes of your time to watch this or else I wouldn’t post this. Thanks to our youth minister Joel for pointing this out to me.

Changing the order:
So why is this video important? A good place to start after watching this, right? It is important because we often assume if we present the appropriate information and facts that people will automatically be moved to change. But maybe there is another starting point – same information, same truth/facts…just starting from a different place. Let’s say you want to do a class on worship. You lay out the acts of worship, the scriptures that mention them and how we do it today. What is missing? The why is missing. If we first motivate people to remember how loving and powerful and graceful and worthy our God is of praise they will respond with, “What does that kind of God want from me?” Well, here is how the early Christians responded, those who were eyewitnesses to the resurrection of Jesus Christ responded like this…why? Because this is how they knew to worship based on their heritage but also because it makes sense that if one experienced the resurrected Lord they would pray. They would sing worshipful songs. They would commune as he asked them to do in order to be with him in spirit once again around the table. Same scriptures. Same facts. Different starting place that moves the heart and mind. I think that can work.

Changing Advertising:
This also changes the way we advertise things within the church. I have been feeling this for some time but this video finally fleshed it out for me. I have seen over and over again that people won’t come to something if they don’t know why they are supposed to be there. We assume that they should know why or that if the doors are open that is why enough but it isn’t. One of the things our 20s & 30s are going to start doing this week is greeting at the front doors Sunday morning. Why? A couple of reasons – We have a lot of young people and young families and we want visitors to see that. We also want our generations to get more connected and this is a chance for them to meet people and be seen by people not in that ministry. Here is the problem. I would typically advertise this by letting them know we need a few of them to greet on Sunday. I don’t always connect the why to this. I just tell them what and sometimes tell them how. But rarely do we give them why. Instead it makes more sense to start with the problem (insulation within the ministry and disconnection from older Christians and visitors) so they see why it is important.

He also has a book I haven’t read but it looks interesting – Start with Why – How Great Leaders Inspire People to Take Action

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